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Hi there and welcome to I’m Morgan and I’ve been backpacking for over twenty years now on and off. I love backpacking but typically have done it during the summer like most people. I live in San Francisco and love all the amazing nature that is only a few hours away from my doorstep.

I have always dreamed of going backpacking in the snow but never got around to it. Now I’m in my late 30’s and I realized, the time has come to get out there and adventure into the winter wonderland that California can be. As I started searching online I realized that there just aren’t that many resources out there about snow backpacking.

In fact, when I search for “snow backpacking in Northern California” the first thing that Google shows (I’m not kidding) is an article on Backpacking Lite titled, “Northern California non-snow trips?” and the second link is from Trailspace and is titled, “Winter non-snow backpacking California.” As I continued to search I found that this particular subject seems to break Google. You’re looking for snow backpacking and Google is showing you all the results it has for backpacking, sans snow.

So I did what many Berkeley-natives would do. I walked over to REI and spent an hour talking to an expert there who had snow backpacked for years. I learned a lot and I also quickly realized how dangerous snow backpacking could be if you aren’t prepared. Seeing that it’s pretty darn hard to find any meaningful resources about snow backpacking online I decided it was time to create my own.

Amazing enough, was actually available to register and hey, what better domain name to talk about Snow Backpacking?

The salesperson at REI shared a ton of resources with me that I’ll be sharing on this blog. I’m also reaching out to some backpacking experts to get their advice and hopefully add a few articles from experts who really know what they’re doing. I hope this site can serve as a resource for people like me, who want to go adventure into the snow, but want to do so safely and need resources to help them get started.

From gear reviews to trail suggestions I’m looking forward to making this the go-to resource for Snow Backpacking online. So come one, come all, winter is coming!

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